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Shade Tree Arbor Care is a full service tree company performing expert tree care in Houston, Texas and most areas of Harris and Montgomery Counties.

Our goal is to provide high quality tree service each and every time to our customers.

All work is performed in accordance with ANSI A300 pruning standards and ANSI Z133.1 safety standards, to ensure quality and a safe work environment.

  • Tree Pruning


Proper tree pruning improves the overall heath and appearance of your trees. Pruning also addresses any potential safety hazards. The removal of any undesirable branches that may be dead weakened or diseased as well as any limbs that may interfere with structures, power lines etc. Our qualified arborists and tree care professionals can determine the correct type of tree pruning needed to assure the optimal heath and appearance of your trees.

  • Complete Palm Tree Care

We also specialize in complete palm tree care which includes pruning fronds, skinning, sculpting and the removal of seedpods and fruit. As well as early Spring fertilization for palms that may have had difficulty during the winter.

  • Expert Tree Removal

    In the event the removal of a tree may become necessary due to a tree being dead,  dangerous or causing damage to structures or just wanting to have a tree removed for the purpose of readjusting the current landscape, our skilled professionals are experts in the area of close quarter’s tree removal. We have all the specialized equipment needed to handle any removal project as well as providing the various machinery necessary to grind small and large stumps.


  • Tree Treatment and Fertilization Programs

We offer an organic approach to tree care. We treat insects that frequently plague trees such as leaf minors, scale, aphids, beetles, bores and other invading insects.

  • Tree Fungus Treatments

We treat tree fungus that plague our region.

Prevention is the key to preservation of your trees. If left untreated many trees may not survive. Ask our tree care specialist for more information on yearly preventative treatment.

  • Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

·       Tree and shrubs require a complex mixture of various nutrients and minerals in order to function efficiently. Our tree care specialist will evaluate your property and develop a customized fertilization program to ensure you trees receive the right nutrients at the right time. Shade tree Arbor Care uses an all organic mixtures that are safe for humans, animals, and our environment.

·       Proper tree fertilization of your ornamentals offer many benefits, including improved flowering, increased resistance to diseases, and increased ability to ward off insect attacks.

·       Root feeding injects the proper plant food directly into the root zone of the plants, which allows the fertilizer to be easily absorbed and quickly put to work.

·       The right diet helps prevent many types of stress that weaken the trees. When your trees are in top health and growing well they’re often strong enough to fight of many infectious diseases without suffering serious or permant damage.

·       Seasonal Maintence programs are available for insect protection and deep root fertilization. We also offer treatments for spring greening and preparation for winter (Winterizing).

Ask us how we can help save your trees !

  • Tree Installation

Shade Tree Arbor Care specializes in the installation of fast growing,
slow growing and ornamental trees.

There are many different trees to choose from that will work well in our South Texas terrain, let our qualified professionals help you determine the right tree for your landscape.

All trees that are installed have a 1 year replacement and service warranty.


  • Diagnostic and Pre Construction Tree Preservation

If you are in need for a professional arborist to examine and  identify diseased trees, we recommend a treatment plan specific to the needs of your tree. Needing a preservation plan set up for a construction project?  We have qualified specialists in these areas that are committed to the overall health and well being of your trees.

All consultations  are $100 per hour with a one hour minimum fee. Additional  pricing for reports or plans to be presented are priced per service .

  • Root Barrier Solutions

Roots from trees can be some of the most powerful forces from nature and when near different types concrete and foundations they can cause damage that can be extremely costly.